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What We Do

Maine Mobile Massage takes therapeutic massage to the next level by having a licensed massage therapist provide a customized session in your own home. Imagine getting a massage and maximizing those relaxation benefits without the car drive home. We can accommodate your schedule seven days a week; mornings, afternoons or evenings. To book an appointment call 207-573-4408, visit our contact us page or check out our Facebook page.

Why We Do It

We believe the benefits of massage are life changing. Massage is a wellness tool embraced by the healthcare community. It can aid symptoms of chronic disease; help speed orthopedic surgery recovery and physical therapy treatment goals; and reduce stress and anxiety. Massage and healthcare go hand-in-hand. It is not only a wellness tool to improve quality of life, but a way to connect your mind with your body.

30 minute - $35

60 minute - $65

30 minute - $30

120 minutes - $130 (8-12 people)

180 minutes - $190 (12-18 people)

240 minutes - $250 (16-24 people)

90 minute - $90

120 minute - $120

60 minute - $60

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